DON'T Do These Things To Your House

Dated: 06/28/2019

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You've found the home of your dreams and you're ready to put your "mark" on your new place. Home renovations and upgrades, big or small, can go a long way in improving the value of your home, and they also can make your home more enjoyable for you while you're living there. Whether your weekend-warrior projects are for your short-term enjoyment or if you're implementing them to add value to the home, there probably isn't a homeowner out there who would want to intentionally decrease the value of their home, or make their home less resalable. Here's a list of what-not-to-do when you're deciding on your renovations.

DON'T remove your only bathtub. The reason: many home buyers need a tub for small children. Trying to sell a house with no bathtub can be a challenge.

DON'T leave the kitchen cabinets on when you paint them. Painting your cabinets white can be a big "wow" and pay off at resale. It's a time-consuming and labor-intensive job, though, so homeowners will make the mistake of leaving the doors on while repainting. While it will mean added time and labor, take the doors off to repaint them like the pros do. The end-product will come out so much better.

DON'T plant a tree too close to the house. That small sapling that you planted to mark your move-in day won't stay small forever. Planting trees too close to the house puts your house at risk to falling limbs, leaves clogging the gutters, and mature roots weakening your home's foundation or putting your sewer or septic and plumbing pipes at risk. Plant trees that will be medium or large sized at maturity at least 30 to 50 feet away from the house. Put small trees (30 feet or less) at least, preferably, 10 feet away.

DON'T try to cover wallpaper with water-based paint. Removing old wallpaper can be a real chore, so if you decide to paint over instead, be sure to use oil-based primer. Water-based paint will react with the wallpaper's glue and cause the wallpaper to bubble or lift up. After priming, paint with latex paint over the primer.

DON'T tear out original architectural features. Custom woodwork, tin ceiling tiles, stained-glass windows or mid-century modern brick give your home its character and set it apart from every other house, so keep them when remodeling, assuming the features are in good condition. When it comes time to sell, the nuances of your house may be the thing that causes your house to get the offer over the house down the road.

Of course, all this is just advice, so if your heart is set on a certain upgrade or finish, by all means do it. That's why you own a home, so you can do what you want.

Melissa Rolland is a Real Estate Salesperson and Realtor®, Accredited Home Stager, and author of the book Straight from the Kitchen Table: Every Day Real Estate. She lives in Tolland, CT along with her husband Todd, an Associate Broker and Realtor®. Together they manage the Rolland Realty Group powered by eXp Realty of CT, LLC. You can connect with them at, by email at or by phone at (866) 408-8059. “The statements and opinions contained in this article are solely those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of EXP REALTY INTERNATIONAL, INC or its subsidiaries or affiliates (the “Company”). The Company does not assume any responsibility for, nor does it warrant the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided.”

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Melissa Rolland is a real estate salesperson, accredited home stager and has been a real estate investor for over a decade, helping hundreds of homeowners buy houses, sell houses, and invest in real e....

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